Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Home for 2 weeks

We have been together as a family of five for 2 weeks now. Isn't that face just so cute?!!! I love this little girl. We have discussed several times how she is the one for our family, she fits right in. I never really believed people when they said such a thing, but it is true.

We had her first visit to the International Adoption Clinic this week. She weighed 18 lbs in China (fully clothed with a toy in her hand) on Monday she was 19.6 lbs (naked) Nice! Everything looked and sounded good. Then we headed over to Children's to have half of the blood drawn from her body . . . no really there was a moment when they thought we would have to come back for a second draw because they needed so much. Poor little thing. We are waiting for the results to come back. We have a referral to see the cleft team and have ultrasounds of her kidneys and liver. She is a trooper. Have I mentioned how cute she is. She is a spunky little thing, she knows what she wants and has not problem expressing so.

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Nicole said...

Amy and family...

Congrats! We met on RQ back in June... Hope you have a wonderful Christmas!!!!