Thursday, January 22, 2009

Brotherly Love

Thanie is not sure were his spot in the family is anymore, he is no longer the baby but he is not quite a big boy yet (well as big as his brother). He is having a hard time, not horrible but still adjusting. He loves Naomi and was so excited for her arrival, I feel for my little boy. He helped me clean the bathrooms tonight, who would think that cleaning toilets is good bonding . . . but it was, just he and I stuck in the bathroom chatting and getting something done. He was so proud of himself and he made cleaning FUN!!! I love this boy so very much.
Naomi is such a happy little girl. Zach was commenting on how she giggles all the time. She can be in one room and has the rest of the house smiling just from her sweet sound. Her being a part of our family seems to sink in more all the time. She is such a blessing. Something about vacuuming or cooking dinner with a baby on my hip makes me smile. Maybe it is that she is excepting us and wants to be held and loved. Her kisses have turned from a head bonk to a full slobbery kiss. I love it!!!
Zach is an amazing big brother. He is helpful , thoughtful and kind and helpful (oh so very helpful). He is so good to Naomi. She is going to be one spoiled little girl. If she fusses he is right there to make sure she is O.K. This kid was not so sure about bringing another sibling home (especially a girl) I hear him tell Naomi that he loves her several times a day. It is so sweet!!! Maybe less attention from mom and dad but lots from his new sister and so much love to go around.
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Emily said...

SHE IS SOOOO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!! =D