Thursday, January 1, 2009

A moment

Today I walked into our local Asian market. Wow! the sights and smells brought me back to China (well, as back as you can get in Seattle) I got that lump in my throat, the kind you get when your about to cry. Our trip to China was amazing, such cool experience. It makes me sad to know that our trip is over. I know I will go back someday, but it will never quite compare.

When I got home today, this was the longest I have been away from Naomi since she was handed to me in November. Anyway, I picked her up out of the crib, she was still warm and sleepy. Holding her, still with that lump in my throat, my daughter the one with black hair and almond eyes, she is so incredibly beautiful. I love her so much, she is clearly my little girl.

A bit sappy. . . O.K. lots sappy but it is all part of my journey.

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