Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Cleft Team update

We have good news . . . Naomi only has a cleft lip not a cleft palate. Wow!!!! Her hard and soft palate are intact. Part of her gum line is missing. This should have very little impact on her speech but we will watch and listen. Due to the small fistulas directly behind her front teeth we will continue to see food come out of her nostril. The doctor said eventually she will learn how to control this so she can either not let it out or perform magic for her friends (noodles out of one's nose could be very entertaining). As far as surgery they expect to do a bone graft when she is about 5 (bone from her hip to complete the gum line). They will probably give her nose a little lift before kindergarten. She does have fluid in her ears so we will monitor that for tubes. Zach has had 2 sets of tubes and probably needs a 3rd put in so we know that this is a very minor surgery, not even sure why they call it surgery.
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Proud Parents of Halainah Grace said...

Amy, this is absolutely fantastic news. I am so excited for you, Naomi and your entire family. Our little China dolls are so special and I know that God is protecting them. They have been through so much already and now they are safe in our arms forever. Naomi is sparkling in every picture. You can see how much love she is feeling and her true spirit is emerging. This must be what heaven feels like :)
Shangrao Girls are beautiful and so full of life, what a blessing.
God Bless,
Deanna, Halainah and Tony