Wednesday, January 28, 2009


We have this cute little park down the street from us. I am always trying to get the kids to go for a walk with me (with smiles on their faces). Well Naomi loves to go for little walks so now the boys will go with. This little girl has so much pull around here. Check out the smile on my boys.

Prior to our little outing Naomi went in her closet tossed all 10 pairs of shoes out until she came to these orange shoes. Came over to me sat on my lap handed me a shoe (clearly she wanted the shoes on). The interesting thing is these are the shoes she came in (I know she is not a doll, but really she did come with these lovely plastic orange shoes) Do you think she remembers? I do.
This picture is here because my little man looks so sweet and cute and to prove to all of you that this girl does wear colors other than pink. (by the way the shirt says %100 sweet) It is true.
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Emily said...

naomi is a cutie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!