Friday, March 6, 2009

Little Pity Party and a Prayer Request

The other day as I was unplugging the toilet (sorry if that is way more than you needed to know) I asked one of the boys (who shall not be named) to shut the bathroom door so the little curious pink casted girl would not come get in the toilet mess. Guess whos fingers got squished and I meen squished in the door. Poor girl. Yes the same hand as the broken arm.

Now you see the cute curly haired fellow in the tub with the pink casted girl. Well, the other night around 2 am I was awoken by a sad cry. I went to investigate and poor little fellow was laying on the floor still all wrapped in his comforter. I gave him some love and put him back in his bed. Did I check for any injuries? NOPE! When I went to make my morning rounds, this time at 7:30am poor little guy was rubbing his head telling me how much it hurt. I took a closer look and sure enough a big ole' bruise. That was not bad enough there were 2 small red wounds. These wounds would be in the shape of legos. I felt like a "bad mom" not the first or last time I am sure. Next time I think I will investigate a little further when one of my children falls out of bed. And maybe just maybe the little fellow and his big brother will pick up the legos before bed, at least the ones right next to the bed.
Next is this handsome little mop top. HIVES!! poor guy has swollen hands and feet and itches all over. He did get to miss 2 days of school.

Look how this daddy looks at his little girl. We are truly blessed with our health, happiness and our family.

Pete has a childhood friend that is in the final stage of life. He is dying from brain cancer. Tonight his wife wrote a very sad message on their blog. She has to say goodbye to her love, her partner, her husband. Their children have to say goodbye to their daddy. It is heartbreaking. If you are the praying type Please pray for the Wong family.

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