Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sunday Snapshot - Ivy

SWEET Ivy is 7 years old, almost 8.  Born May 2004.

Her special need is a foot deformity, I have not seen her feet, she is standing and does have shoes on.

I wish you could see in full just how precious this little one is.  But you get the idea right?


Look at that smile

One more of her flashing the peace sign.  I think this is my favorite picture, I see a glimpse of her little personality.

My friend Myriam at Agape Adoptions has a video of her and says she is absolutely precious!!

Praying for you Ivy. . . that your forever family finds you very soon.

Sunday Snapshot

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living4him5 said...

Thank you for your week comment Amy!

I feel very blessed to be her mama.

Please know I am praying for Ivy!!!

God bless,