Thursday, February 2, 2012


I am very excited!!!

I have been feeling this, NEED.  

Need to do SOMETHING.  

for the 163 Million Orphans.

So a good friend of mine who happens to have her own adoption agency, is letting me advocate for some  kiddos, Chinese Kiddos.

We decided to start with some of the older boys.  Really, just a starting place.  

Sounds good to me.

This may turn into a new blog but for now I am staying close to home and using my family blog.  

These sweet boys are all Chinese and on the Shared list. Special Focus.

Hoping with our efforts we can find some families for these Orphans.

Myriam and I at the White Swan -2008-

Yous see Myriam found my baby girl for me and I know first hand that she is GOOD at what she does.  

I am off to look over these boys so I can start posting.  In order to comply with CCW*A I will not be able to share an entire face.  I hope to get creative.  

Come back and check out these kids.  

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Jolene Powell said...

I'm catching up on your blog, and I'm so excited for Myriam! If only...