Friday, February 3, 2012


DOB: March 2001
SN: Missing left leg

Matt is a smart little boy.  He enjoys kindergarten, can count from 1-100, knows some English, loves leading the class in songs and generally likes to be a leader.  At 4.5 Matt was given an artificial leg, after some practice he has learned to walk and feels just like all the other kids.  

I just love his sweet smile and the joy he seems to have. 


DOB: February 2003
SN: Right arm/hand and leg deformity

Cory is a deep sleeper and healthy eater.  He is an energetic little fellow that likes to play with toys, his favorite is a ball.  He can draw simple shapes and his favorite color is red.  

 Just look at those sweet cheeks don't they just need a mommy to kiss em!


These kids are Special Focus children.

For full photo's and more info contact Agape Adoptions

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