Tuesday, February 21, 2012


My boy has been sick.  ASTHMA is kicking his butt.

 He missed all but one day of school last week.  The only reason I sent him that day was because it was my afternoon in his classroom (mamma bear was there to keep an eye on her little cub).
 There were several days that we were up every 2 hours giving him his "puffer"  far too often I know.  Better than the alternative.

I feel for all you with new wee ones in the home.  This night time stuff SUCKS!!

and in case you did feel sorry for me and the every 2 hour wake up call, things are getting better we are up to 4 hours between puffs.

Things are looking better now on day 11. After a round of steroids and and lots of movies.  

I think just maybe we have a handle on things.

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