Friday, February 3, 2012


DOB: August 2000
SN: Albinism

Larry enjoys singing and dancing so much that he likes to perform for adults.   School is important to him and it shows in his work.   He is adored by his peers and nannies, he generally has a smile on his face and never looses his temper.  He likes playing with his toy cars.  Larry's dream is to be a bus driver when he grows up.  

Now let's find this sweet boy his family.



DOB: August 2002
SN: Color Blind

Pete goes to a local school and is doing well.  He is likes to jump at home (assuming this means jump rope)  It is said that he is a lovely boy that gets a bit shy around strangers.   He is helpful around the house with chores and always makes his bed in the morning.  

These kids are Special Focus children.

For full photo's and more info contact Agape Adoptions

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