Monday, November 24, 2008

Backing up a bit

I have only posted pictures mostly because of time and brain power. I now have a few minutes (not sure about brain power)

ChuYu was to be delivered to our hotel room at 4pm on 11/23. So of course around 3:15 I start pacing, every time the elevator door dinged my tummy jumped. I think she finally got here around 4:30. I tried talking to her, she cried so I decided to take her from the director then the screaming began (30 minutes worth). She was in my arms . . . I loved it, she did not. They said she had not eaten since noon poor thing was starving and traumatized, not to mention she was in a snow suit sweating to death. I tried giving her a bottle she wanted nothing to do with that, I thought maybe the director would have better luck (figuring she had given her many bottles) turns out that they had just picked her up from the foster family's home before driving 4 hours to the hotel. So I quickly took her back still no luck with the bottle still 2 days later. She is eating everything, her favorites are steamed eggs and congee but she eats anything a baby with 3 teeth can eat, including spicy stuff. She is still a bit weepy when she wakes up (She was probably hoping it was all a bad dream). She is trying to walk, loves the stacking cups I brought, very interested when we are out and about. No worries really she is doing great and I just love her. I never really believed all the pain of waiting, wondering and worrying would be washed away, but it kindof has. She is a doll and we could not have asked for anyone different. Pete we have ourselves a daughter. Thank you for working so hard to make this happen, all those worked weekends have paid off, I promise!! You are going to give her a great daddy. I miss my boys and can't wait for you to meet you sister, you guys are going to make great big brothers she is going to think you guys are so cool.

Cheers from China

I will try and go back and put text in older posts as time allows. We love reading the comments, THANKS


Ali said...


Gosh, she looks like a happy, busy little babe. I was glad you were able to find some time to fill us in on your and Naomi's grand adventure. It's amazing to finally see it come together for you all.

:), Ali

steeboo said...

It looks like Naomi is adjusting just fine! Can't wait to meet her. Gracie too! This is going to be the most memorable Christmas yet.

Love ya,