Saturday, November 29, 2008


We made it to Guangzhou. Breath of Fresh air . . . we are very glad to be here. Such a cute little area. We are staying at the White Swan a very nice hotel. We were very ready to leave Nanchang, 3 days there would have been perfect but 5 was just to long. The White Swan is on a little island with lots of cute shops and plenty of walking area. NICE!!!

Naomi has some sort of tummy bug, she is not keeping anything down. She still will NOT take a bottle from me. I talked to our doctor today and he suggested adding sugar to her formula just to get something in her. I'll try it. She is not acting sick, but is throwing up. poor girl.


Proud Parents of Halainah Grace said...

Hi Amy,
I am so glad that you are on the last leg of your trip. Naomi is so beautiful and I am so excited for you and your family. Just a few more days and you will finally be able to bring your daughter home, where she belongs forever. You will have to fill me in on your trip after you unwind when you are home. I will say some prayers that Naomi's tummy feels better. God Bless!
Deanna - NJ

steeboo said...

You're in the final stretch! It probably feels like you've been gone forever! It's fun to see Naomi in some fo Grace's clothes, wow, she's petite! I hope her little tummy gets better! Other than that it looks like she's really content! We'll see you in a few days!