Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Nanchang Wed 11-26

Today our sweet little guide Mary took us to a village about 25 minutes out of the city. 70% of people in Southern China live this way. This is poverty that we only imagine. Bare Bare necessities. We walked through the village and people let us come into their homes.

This picture was the one bedroom in this home. We were surprised to see the TV.
These 3 little old ladies followed us around. They were surprised that the family we were with had children already. They assumed Americans wanted to adopt so we did not have to push the baby out. These ladies seemed happy and healthy.
This is a families kitchen. They have so little.
This is the village toilet. There might have been one or two other homes with bathrooms. But most did not.

After seeing this village most of my worrying about bringing Naomi out of her home land went away. She truly would not have had the opportunity here.

This was also so interesting because Naomi lived in a small village with her foster family, this is probably what it was like. Wow!!! It seems so sad but everyone in the village seemed happy.

As I am typing this there is a funeral procession going by we know this because they set off lots of firecrackers as they go down the street and some have a white robed marching band. No casket or anything.

We are ready to leave Nanchang we found out that our flight leaves Friday at 5pm we were hoping for morning. We are looking forward to Guangzhou and some warm weather. I miss my boys and can't wait to kiss their little faces.

Lots of love from China

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