Sunday, November 30, 2008


Monday morning breakfast from the fabulous buffet at the White Swan
Sunday night shopping in Guangzhou
Electronic market, I asked if the Ipod that I was looking at was real the man said "Chinese Ipod" in other words it was a knock-off. . . lots of those around here. The electronic market was 7 stories high with cell phones, ipods, and accessories. Very overwhelming and interesting.
Auntie Kim and grandpa went to the zoo yesterday, they said it was gorgeous. Panda is pretty dang cute.

I think I lost my camera (still hope that it is dad's backpack). If I find it I will post more later tonight.

Naomi's tummy is much better (no vomit yesterday or today) and even better than that is she is drinking a bottle. One packet of sugar did not do but with two packets she will drink it. One thing at a time. Clearly she will fit in with this family.

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