Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Stuff from Nanchang

Naomi had a very late night last night . . . she spent about 2 hours whimpering and full on screaming. Poor thing was just so sad. Broke my heart. She finally fell asleep around 11:30 and is still out now 8Am. I guess she is getting some sadness out so that is good.

Today we are headed for the country side and porcelain factory. Nanchang is known for their porcelain. I hope to get a nice tea set for Naomi.

Interesting tid-bits about China . . .

Traffic is crazy, slow but you have to play froger to get across the street, it is kindof scary
Food is cheep, so is beer
Little kids wear split pants, that means they squat whenever and wherever they need to go potty and go. (street, shops)
You can change a babies diaper anywhere including the restaurant chair at the table.
We look across the Gan river and see a skyline full of 30 story apartment buildings that are 1/3 full.
Streets are very safe, we can take a walk at night and it is very safe. Just a couple old ladies asking for money.
Only 10% have cars, most people get around on bikes and scooters rarely do we see a helmet. Babies and kids on the front or back (no helmets).
We asked our guide if she has a children, yes she has 2. How did she get away with that? The fine is 2 years of a couples salary. They can pay it over 18 years. YIKES!! Boy do we like our freedom.
I got scolded in the hotel elevator by a 40 year old business women because Naomi's legs were showing (her pants were hiked up because I was holding her).
Another elevator moment . . . A lady (stranger) handed Naomi food, that is o.k. in China.
People here are very nice. Although most of the time we have no idea what they are saying. But we think they are kind.
Local people will stop us and ask if they can take our picture (again we think that is what they are asking)

Keep the comments coming they are like little gift each time I check my blog. THANKS


Ali said...

It's fun to hear the tidbits and facts about China. The boys were mesmerized by the pics and the outfits. She is so incredibly cute! And even though you say she's been having bouts of sadness she looks so content and comfortable with you Am.
Miss you. Michael says 'can't wait to see you and meet Naomi when you get back'.

:), Ali

NWFamilyK said...

Very funny and fun to hear your thoughts and impressions about China.
Amelia really liked the part about changing a baby at the restaurant table - she cracked up at it!!!
Amelia says "Naomi is so cute".
Bonnie & Amelia

Michael said...

Trying to put myself in Pete's shoes and imagining he must be busting at the seams to get you and Naomi back (what a cutie). Pete, I feel for you man.
Amy, could you see if they have the squat pants in a size 32 waist or even better, adult sized sweatpant style. Thanks. Looking forward to celebrating your return.

Anonymous said...

Amy - I am so excited to sign on and check your blog every morning.
I wish I had stayed home this winter. (Sort of) What a doll baby you've got there. I will head home this spring with something very special to look forward to.
I hope your remaining stay goes as
well as it seems to be so far.
Happy Thanksgiving.

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