Friday, January 10, 2014

Medical Exam

We had our medical exam today.  I think it is a crock of *&% but the US  requires it.  Our girl quickly added 40+19.  She seems like a smart one.  

All was going well until the blood draw.  I tried and pushed but those nurses just would not let me in the room.  For the first time I could hear my Evelyn scream and cry but I could not help her.  I was fired up.  It hurt my heart.  

The doctor thinks her leg might be more of a neurologic issue.  I have to admit it was a punch to this mommas gut.  I got ahold of my fear and reminded myself that this entire adoption was handed to us by the big man above.   You know what he will continue to guide us and protect this sweet girl.

we find out the TB results on Monday.  Fingers crossed that all is good.


Tammy said...

She is more beautiful each day! Everything they have told me in the medical examine proved to be untrue! So I would wait for good communication and care! She is very high functioning! Such a miracle when you consider all that she has been through! She is a ROCK star!

Heidi said...

Don't sweat the medical exam!!! When we walked in with Yu Xia and they saw "TB" on her paperwork, they acted like The Plague had arrived! Literally - the doctor almost dropped the papers, and immediately rolled his chair away from us. She was in the hospital for 3 months being treated for something she NEVER had! Our new pediatrician is very vocal abt how she trusts NOTHING of what they say. So, just enjoy Evelyn now and worry about that stuff later when you can get to your own doctor. She's tough and smart and gorgeous!!!!!!!!!