Sunday, January 19, 2014

Mei guo

The second we landed Evelyn turned to me and said "meiguo??"  Yep! you got it girl we are in America.

We had the most awesome greeting crew.

I cried like a baby shed a few tears.  Seriously,  the love and support from just about everyone is outstanding, wonderful and amazing.

When I was wavering that one afternoon just after we locked this girls file a very sweet friend told me that if we followed God's call to adopt her we would be blessed.   I have felt so much love and support during this adoption. WE HAVE BEEN BLESSED!

Her first car seat ride.  She only tried to take off her seatbelt twice.  Not bad considering.

Seeing her new bed for the first time.  

So happy to see all the fresh fruit in the kitchen.  We washed it up with water from the tap then drank a glass of tap water.  Something you just don't do in China.

She found the baby dolls

More soon.  Having a newly adopted 9 year old around is a bit like having a 2 year old again.  


Tammy said...

My heart is full for you Amy! Welcome home!



Holly said...

Welcome home! So happy for you and your family. :)

Anonymous said...

Your kids look amazing for having just flown in from China. Happy Days to you all. --heather

Cheri said...

Oh my! The picture made me smile. I loved hearing about her asking if she was in America. Ivy asked the same thing, but we were only in Hong Kong!

Enjoy getting acclimated to life again!

Anne Trent said...

Could she be any cuter!
That smile melts my heart...she looks happy to be home : )