Thursday, January 16, 2014

Consulate Appointment

We had our US Consulate Appointment today.  Which means tomorrow we get Evelyn's visa to travel to the US and the moment she hits US soil she becomes a citizen.  

I am a bit weepy today.  So many emotions.  Our time is almost done here in China, tomorrow is our last day and then we head back home.  I am eager to be home but sad to leave.

Two of my children were born in this country.  I have waited years to be back here to show my family why I love China.  I am anxious as to what our new "normal" will be.  The unknown is a bit scary.

Our newest girly is opening up a bit, becoming a bit more animated a bit silly and of course a bit naughty.

I have never had this much uninterrupted time with my hubby.  Did I just say uninterrupted?  Ha ha!  very interrupted (with 4 kids much is interrupted)  but you get what I mean.  Time together.  I like our time together.

All these photo's were taken at a memorial park today.  

More sweet new friends.  These 3 are 3 less orphans and we are such lucky families.

Tomorrow is our last breakfast buffet. OMG for those who have not had Chinese breakfast buffets,  Let me just say YUMMY and STUFFED each and everyday.   I will have to cook again!  NO!

Gorgeous girls!!!

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