Sunday, January 5, 2014


We are here!!!  and boy oh boy is place a LOT different the Beijing.  We had to get a smoking room so we would all fit and it is killing me.

Facebook is not working and internet is spotty.  Hope I can post GOTCHA DAY tomorrow.

Our guide was there the day our daughter was disrupted.

More later . . . we are headed out with another LWB volunteer and her family.  Feeling so blessed to have them here with us.


Heidi said...

You should be on your way to the Registry Office as I type this. My thoughts and prayers are with you!! I'm so excited for you!! May your new girl have a big enough heart to find the strength to trust one more family - the RIGHT family! Congratulations!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm praying and will continue! Thanks for sharing your journey with us!