Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Today we visited a family heritage museum.  (to be honest I forgot what it is called)  These are photos from today.  You;ll notice Zach is missing, he stayed at the hotel to catch up on some homework.  

We have been so lucky to meet so many fun families here in China.  We all have something in common. . . Chinese kids.

We have had the last 10ish dinners with the R family.  They adopted an older boy.  We have enjoyed their company so much.  A lot of bonding happens when you meet in a foreign country and adopt a couple kids.  Tonight was our last dinner together as they leave early in the morning, DANG them! how could they leave without us? !   We sure hope to visit them someday back in the states.

 As you can see Naomi made a new friend too.  We have spent many afternoons with the B family and have had a great time getting to know them.

Evelyn has been doing great.  She has moments throughout the day were she kinda shuts down.  She also has lots of hugs and kisses for her mommy.  Tonight she got a bit wild and crazy and did not want to go to bed.  I got the translator out and told her that she was coming to America with us and she would get to meet her grandparents.  She finally calmed down and is now sound asleep.

The look on Nathaniels face kinda sums up his day.  Crabby, ready to go home, sad to say goodbye to his new friends and sad that his new sister would not kiss or hug him (this did get remedied which made him much happier)

Tomorrow is our Consulate Appointment.  I am starting to get emotional about leaving.  Sad to leave China but ready to be home.  Crazy times.

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Tammy said...

CA YAY!!!!!!!!!!

Glad that you are all holding up!!!

America, "MAKE room for one really cute MORE!!!!

YAY!!!! Yippy