Monday, January 6, 2014

Gotcha Pictures

She is doing amazingly well.  No tears (which actually kinda scares me)


Tammy said...

OH rejoicing with you friend!

Jim and Tammy

Anne Trent said...

She's gorgeous!


Heidi said...

She looks wonderful!!! You know she probably thinks she'll be going back to the orphanage again, so she's not going to get too emotional about meeting another family. Give her time. She'll soon see you're for real!!!!! Have fun discovering your new daughter!! Any names yet??? (Yu Xia still refuses to acknowledge "Gwen", so who knows when we'll ever get to call her that...)

Keith and Kelly said...

So amazing and beautiful! Praying for you guys and hoping you all fall in love. I love the look on Z's face. :)Kelly

Ali said...

YAY!!!! We are all excited for you guys :) What an amazing emotional day! Thanks for sharing your journey with us. We are looking forward to hearing all about it and meeting your beautiful daughter! Pass on our hellos from all of us (from Phinney too) to everyone.
<3, Ali

Jenn said...

OMGoodness!! I am sooooo very behind!! You're newest girlie is BEAUTIFUL!!!! I pray that all is going well! We are coming up to one year home with our Ellie (age 6). Time flies by way too quickly!!

Blessings to you!