Friday, January 17, 2014

Final Day in China - Guangzhou

Today we ventured out and met some friends at a park across town.  No guide no taxi just a map.  The problem was half of the street signs are not in pinyin.  We finally made it to said park and got to see more of the local life style along the way.  

We had a great day with new friends that we have grown to love in a short time.

These ladies were doing this dance with a racket and ball.  They were GOOD.

Evelyn enjoyed her first ride on the shark spray ride.  She then pointed at the pirate ship like she wanted to try it out.

Maybe not the best plan for a newly adopted child. 

Farewell to a country I love.  Thank you for two beautiful daughters.  

Next post state side.
Looking forward to seeing friends and family at the airport.

P.S.  I used tap water to brush my teeth and have lived to tell .


Loyola said...

I think you are all very brave to take on that city without a guide!

Heidi said...

You are SO much more brave than me!! I admire you being able to venture forth and make your way thru that huge, busy town!! Hope your flight HOME is good! Welcome back! Your blog has been great!! Thanks for all the wonderful pictures!!!