Wednesday, January 8, 2014


Today was an emotional day, we visited the orphanage.  Honestly I will have to talk about that later.  I think I might be numb.

As you can imagine we walk everywhere while here in China.  As you may or may not know our girl has something going on with her leg.  We are assuming hip dysplasia.  Well our girly is a SLOW walker so tonight I decided to put Evelyn in the Ergo . . . Best thing ever.  She rode along on my back singing her little Chinese songs and laughing.  It was music to my ears.  It felt so good.

I am not going to go on to tell you that after dinner we stopped at the hotel for a beer and icecream with our new friends.  Good times but the ice cream was $10 each which we found out after the fact.

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Tammy said...

BEST 10.00 ea ever spent! WAY to go on the eurgo...such a smart move!!!!!
As far as the processing this all goes.....I still HAVE not been able to process all that I have seen over these past years.I may need help! It is lost unto me! LET the healing begin! THAT'S what I say. ALSO when you get her back home and some medical care, I am so sure she will strengthen that leg /hip! BUT for now, "what a gift to be able to show her love and support for the way she is today"!!!!!!! Love your hearts!