Saturday, January 4, 2014

Beijing - The Great Wall

I almost got in trouble for taking pictures of these dudes.  Apparently this man makes his money off of people taking pictures with his camels. 

We took a gondola ride up to the Great Wall then climbed the wall for just over 2 hours.  It is truly an amazing sight.

 Notice the beer cans all pilled up?

It was a long and steep walk.

 Notice how steep this section is?  I really had to put my big girl panties on.  I am scared of heights and there were a few times I wanted to turn back.

Sweepy Pete found a broom.

I have never seen a frozen waterfall like this.  AMAZING!

Sorry I don't have much in me for blogging.  We are having a great time during the day but we are EXHAUSTED at night.  LIFE IS GOOD!

We leave Beijing tomorrow bright and early.  Taking the train to Hefei.

Soon we will be a family of 6.

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