Tuesday, January 7, 2014

My little 3

We are making progress.  She is starting to use her voice other than squealing.  She is mimicking speech and thinks she is pretty cool when she does it.  So do we.

Big brother carried her back from the grocery store which made my heart melt.

Her little leg . . . not sure if she has any feeling in her foot and the little leg works enough that she can walk.  She is a trouper and a half but with a bum leg and being in an orphanage walking is hard.  She is independent and determined.

She loves to share her snacks.  She has been feeding me, I may explode but it makes for great eye contact and lots of smiles. Mine and hers.

We are headed to the orphanage tomorrow morning.  I am so nervous for her and me.

P.S.  sorry for the random thoughts but honestly I just can't formulate anything more.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing these intimate moments with the rest of us. Dont worry about the randomness. I was awake again at 1am France time so prayed for you all and the day upcoming...8 hours ahead of us in France. -heather

Anonymous said...

I'm filled with joy and can't stop crying! God brought you together and his story is still unfolding! I LOVE the name!

Tammy said...

Feeling so encouraged Amy!!!
She is more precious and fits in with "all your preciousness you have going on!"
Praying for an easy trip back! It will be nice for her to have you there!



Holly said...

So glad that things are continuing to go well. Even if it's just a "honeymoon" period, enjoy it while it lasts. Blessings to you all!

Ali said...

We are so incredibly happy for you all! Thanks for sharing your experience and we love all the pics too!
❤! - Ali