Monday, January 13, 2014

Orphanage Visit

There is no order to these images.  There are really no words to them.  Many thoughts but I can't articulate them yet.  It was the saddest image I have seen first hand thus far in my life.  I hope to someday put meaningful thoughts to these but for now.  . . 

This little guy sat in the corner and observed and rocked back and forth

There were a few beds of babies lined up.  Naomi screamed at me to get the flies off of them.

The only sink I saw.

This was one of the workers. . . so curious as to her outfit.  My imagination took me many places.

No bathroom.  Often the kids just go to the bathroom on the ground but there were a few buckets.

The big kids came "home" on the bus for lunch then they will head back to school.  

Mary T.  Thanks for donating the pants.  They will be so appreciated by the kids. 

Precious faces

This little guy squealed when I rubbed his belly, his teeth were brown and rotting away. 

I am so curious about this caretaker????

Our girl leaving lollipops and crackers on her bed.  This was before the school kids came home for lunch and she wanted them to know she left them a treat.

This was the LWB preschool room. 

Thank you Grossman family for donating this formula.  

I tried to touch all the babies.  They clearly don't get held or touched.  I watched one of the nannies change diapers it was like an assembly line with  no talking just a system.  The facility is not nice and run down but I can deal with that.  The big problem is the lack of parental figure, discipline, structure, love,  food and on and on  the kids just roam around, wandering with  no guidance..  I went to a LWB healing home.  Still orphans but loved and cared for.  Such a HUGE difference. 


Keith and Kelly said...

Oh Amy, it does hurt to see these. Wish we could rescue them. Shall we move to Huainan?

Holly said...

What a difficult thing to see.

Mary said...

Oh Amy,
I think every adoptive parent should be required to see these pictures. They are hard to look at, but so important for people to see.
I left a piece of my heart there too. How can you not?